Ami Wright is a romance author who loves history, food, travel, trashy TV and smutty romance. She lives in Australia with her partner and children. When she’s not writing about sexy Romans, feisty cat-human hybrids, or ancient myths and legends, she is busy dreaming of time travelling into a future where world travel and holidays are a reality again!

The Lost Romans

When an entire cohort of ancient Romans is abducted into the 31st century, it’s Minnie’s job to solve the mystery. But she’s not prepared for the sizzling chemistry she feels for the charming Roman aristocrat she’s supposed to be rescuing.

Join Minnie, Felix and the rest of their interstellar connections and discover why every girl needs her own Roman!

Complete series available now on Amazon and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Forbidden Mates of the Ardun Royal Guard

The champion gladiators from the Ardun annual games are about to be sworn in as royal guards, serving in the shahra’s harem. Political intrigue and an attempted abduction leads the shahra to order her guards to protect a group of human women who have become caught up in the chaos. But these strong warriors are not prepared for just how much trouble a human woman can cause! On this hot desert planet, when heat strikes, is it the women or their protective bodyguards who are in most danger?

Available now on Amazon and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Alien Billionaires

Coming Soon

These bad boy alien polar bears are growly, possessive and they’ll rut, bite, and knot you all night long!

Aliens on Earth Anthology

Coming in 2023

Content Warnings


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